Mechelle Celie

E318 Corbettt Family Hall

  1. If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be?
    My favorite is mint chocolate chip! I love mint and I love chocolate so why not eat them together? Sometimes I like to shake things up a bit with a banana split. A girl has to get her fruits in!
  2. If you were a YouTube star, what would you be famous for?
    Probably some kind of craft. I love to scrapbook, crochet, paint, even color sometimes. I love all types of artsy things. I find it very soothing. If you have something fun to share give me a call! You can teach me on my YouTube channel.
  3. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?
    When I was visiting Jamaica I tried the curry goat. Yes, one bite. It wasn't baaaaaad.
  4. What is something you would like to learn or do in your life?
    Travel!!! I have been to a few places outside the US such as Canada, Mexico, and Jamaica and have been to 23 states so far. I love going to new places and exploring the wonders that have been created in each beautiful place. I also love to watch the sun rise and set in the places I travel to, each one is so different and special.
  5. Choosing anyone in the world, who would you like to have as a dinner guest and why?
    This is tough. Since I love all kinds of music and dancing I would say, Prince. He was such an extremely talented artist, able to play at least 27 different instruments. That would be a very interesting chat... and lots of dance moves!  

I have been married for 30 years. I have four adult children, two boys, and two girls. Our oldest lives 5 hours from us and the youngest recently moved 8 hours away to live in Alabama. I am blessed to have six grandchildren. Two have been born during the pandemic, the youngest one is just now 2 months old. I enjoy traveling with my grandkids to new places. We also have one dog, Peanut, and 20 chickens. Can you say fresh eggs?? YUM! 

I currently work in the Psychology Department stressing people out (no really, that is my job) and collecting COVID data through the mail. I love what I do and have been happily working for ND since 2014. I am also currently going to school full time to earn my Associate degree in Business Administration. In my spare time (who has that?) I love to sit out on my deck to watch the sunset and enjoy the nature on our property. You may also find me gardening, dancing in the kitchen, reading a book, or just taking a walk to relax. However, spending time with my family is my first love.