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The Staff Advisory Support (SAS) Committee consists of College of Arts and Letters staff members who volunteer to participate on a committee that will work to enhance staff life.

In an effort to create a more positive working environment, the SAS committee has adopted the following objectives:

SAS Objectives

  • To serve as a support body for the staff of the College of Arts and Letters;
  • To provide a voice for a fully confidential channel of communication between staff members and the administration of the College;
  • To act in an advisory capacity to the College administration;
  • To provide input into the decision-making process on issues affecting staff and the College;
  • To foster a spirit of unity, cooperation, and professionalism;
  • To organize social gatherings for staff members;
  • To accept and share responsibility with employees of the College of Arts and Letters in all efforts to attain the stated mission and goals of the College of Arts and Letters and The University of Notre Dame.